Sing your own song.


Sing your own song.

When I’m creating an image I always follow my gut feeling. I never place an element in a composition just for pure esthetic. Add to the image only when it has meaning. See that the detailing is correct, but try not to loose myself in details. Keep the balance in composition, create dynamic when needed, but don’t fear white or open space.

I love to create in tones of black, as color seems to distract me from the actual shape and form. I feel that all the different shades reflect the way I view life. As a child it was an easy straight forward black and white, now it exists out of a million nuances full of compromise and riddles. That’s how I illustrate. A clear imagery full of symbolism and when observing more closely full of hidden messages.

So sing to your own song!

De schoonheid zit in het feit dat iedere vogel zingt zoals hij gebekt is en evenals zijn eigen lied zingt. Het is ook daarom dat ik overtuigd ben dat er voor iedereen een plaatsje is en dat het een kwestie van tijd is voor je door de anderen gehoord wordt die ook jouw deuntje fluiten.

© illustration We Are Kelly (Kelly De Meyer)
WE ARE KELLY & Friends ‘Le Cabinet De Curiosites’

ZekerVanHaarZaak #zekervanhaarzaak #wearekelly


About wearekelly

WE ARE KELLY / ILLUSTRATION & CHARACTER DESIGN / SHE WHO DRAWS WITH PHOTOGRAPHS AND TAKES SNAP SHOTS WITH HER PENCIL... I’m fascinated by people and their psyche. Captivated by the beauty of the minority and the intriguing game between opposites in any shape or form, I try to create a point of recognition for the viewer. I’m always looking to collaborate with others; especially writers, animators, multimedia freaks and musicians. Magazines, social & psychological oriented organisations & publishers. Seeing as many things inspire me, I wanted to start a blog that shares these inspirations with the rest of you. Hope you enjoy! Cheers, Kelly

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