Artist Statement /

I’m fascinated by people and their psyche. Captivated by the beauty of the minority and the intriguing game between opposites in any shape or form, I try to create a point of recognition for the viewer. I have just one addiction and that’s my obsession with snails that smile without their teeth showing.

Quote /

Kelly De Meyer is not interested in art as it were. Her passion is people, her search is one for those human similarities that might take us towards something like a truth that suits the whole species. She’s looking for this beneath the surface, under the clothes; using psychology and emotion as the foundations for expressing her own vocabulary. Can a word really communicate our feelings?
With exceptional precision and an intimate vulnerable approach, the young Belgian illustrator tries to get there in images. Her pictures tell stories.

The narratives are tender, but not gentle. They are somehow aware that the image can always only be the surface, and when you start staring into the skin of her work, smooth flesh reveals its scars, things get darker, and Kelly gingerly pushes you to walk away from the light. Don’t be afraid. All you can find in there is yourself.

Harlan Levey
Editor in Chief / Modart Magazine


:: SHOWS ::.

Selection of shows

2013 /
Urban Outfitters | Galeries Lafeyette | group expo | Paris | Urban Outfitters
One Armed Man | group expo | Expo & magazine One Armed Man, Design center De Winkelhaak, Antwerp | http://www.winkelhaak.be

2012 /
Join Me For Tea | solo expo | Barnini By Night, Barnini, Antwerp | Barnini

2011 /
Artief | art fair | Hallepoort, Diest, Belgium

2010 /
‘Shaved or Natural’ | Group exhibition | Gallery 182a, Rotterdam, The Netherlands | Gallery 182a
Art Friendly Art Gallery | Group exhibition | r. Emile Solvaystr. 22, Brussels 1050
Art Friendly | Group exhibition | Bozar, The Centre for Fine Arts, Brussels

2009 /
‘20 Year Anniversary of the Educative Academy’ | Solo exhibition | V.V.T.I.V, Antwerp
‘Spark’ | Group exhibition Woman Designer Leadership | Seoul Design Olympiad 2009
‘Green’ | Group exhibition Woman Designer Leadership | Hillstate Gallery, Seoul, Korea, supported by the WDL network | http://www.wdlnet.org
404 DongSoong bldg., 1-49 DongSoong-Dong, Jongro-gu, Seoul, Korea
Sarah Fundraiser exhibition and eBay auction | St-Medard, Hoogstraat 300, Brussels. In collaboration with No New Enemies & Actionfields.
Affordable Art Fair | Tour & Taxi, Brussels | Affordable Art Fair
Solo exhibition ‘Silk 2’ | Dirty Café | Dirty Dancing at Ciné Mirano, Brussels | http://www.mirano.be

2008 /
Solo exhibition ‘Pandora’s Box * I.K.W.C.B.S.’ | Choosy, Brussels | http://www.bechoosy.be
Group exhibition ‘Heart & Soul’ | EXHIBITION & BOOK LAUNCH | ALPHABETA gallery, Brooklyn, New York
Exhibition ‘Urban Crawlers’ | Urban Outfitters, Antwerp | http://www.urbanoutfitters.co.uk
Group exhibition ‘Plastic’ | The White Hotel, Brussels | http://www.thewhitehotel.be
Group exhibition & market: ‘A Little Scratch Xmas Market’ | Mr – Ego, Brussels | http://www.mr-ego.be

2007 /
Group exhibition ‘Valentine’ | Addict Lab, Maasmechelen village, Brussels
Solo exhibition ‘Pandora’s Box * I.K.W.C.B.S.’ | Pin’Art gallery, Mechelen
Solo exhibition ‘Silk’: Dirty Café | Dirty Dancing at Ciné Mirano, Brussels
Group exhibition ‘Home Sweet Home’ | Centre Belge de la Bande | Dessinée – Belgisch Centrum voor het Beeldverhaal, Brussels.

2006 /
Group exhibition ‘What’s Your Excuse’ | Mekanik gallery, Antwerp
Exhibition ‘Waanzin In het Gezin’ | De Faktorij (collage), Schaarbeek, Brussels
Group exhibition ‘Soiree Royale’ presented by Amusée – Vous | Royal Museum For Fine Arts, Antwerp

2005 /
Group exhibition Graduation Project Graphic Design | Design center De Winkelhaak, Antwerp
Group exhibition | Selection Graduation | Project Royal Academy For Fine Arts,
In – Between gallery, Antwerp


2006 /
Selected competition ‘Soiree Royale’ presented by Amusée – Vous | Royal Museum for Fine Arts, Antwerp

2005 /
Design prize graduation project 2005
Reward Artistic Foundation Mathilde Horlait-Dapsens: selected


.:: One Armed Man / http://www.onearmedman.be
.:: Modart magazine // http://www.modart.com
.:: The Word magazine /// http://www.thewordmagazine.be
.:: ISM magazine //// http://www.ismcommunity.org
.:: Belio magazine /////// http://www.beliomagazine.com
.:: Gynaika magazine ///// http://www.gynaika.be
.:: Addict magazine ////////// http://www.addictlab.com
.:: Torpedo ////// http://www.falconvsmonkey.com
.:: The Fish magazine // http://www.fishandchips.be
.:: Go magazine V.I.P. ///////////// http://www.g-o.be


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